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1.10 The customer may cancel a service by notifying the Company no later than three days before departure. If this is the case, the payment related to this service would not be due by the customer or if the payment had already been made the totality will be refunded.


1.20 If the customer notifies the company of a cancellation of service within less than 3 business days before the service (scheduled departure day), the company reserves the right to charge 50% of the amount due to the customer.


1.30 Tino Boats will process refunds and cancellation requests within fourteen (14) days from the date of the request and Genie Assistace will not be responsible for any delay in the transfer of monies (if there are) in connection with the procedures of the banking / credit card companies, etc. Tino Boats also reserves the right to deduct service fees already provided to the customer.


1.40 In case of bad weather or the outings are not practicable, Tino boats takes the responsibility to plan the exit within the next five days .. In case of cancellation of Tino Boats, the refund of the total of payments will be carried out Tino Boats



2.10 The customer acknowledges that in the event of an unjustified claim by the bank after having benefited from the services, Tino boats will have the right to dispute the charges charged by submitting any document, email and recording of telephone calls to the relevant authorities, Tino Boats also has the right to claim any costs incurred as a result of this challenge. If the customer was unable to reimburse these costs, Tino Boaats has the right to appoint and hire a legal representative of the region or country of residence of the customer and to continue the dispute and / or claim before legal authorities at the client’s expense, which include all legal fees, bank fees and legal fees, etc.


In case you have any further questions about the cancellation policy, please contact us

E-mail: info@tinoboats.com

Number: +230 57805035

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